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The Town Council operates two allotment sites, one off Newbury Way, Dussindale and another off Hillside Avenue.

Hillside, the largest allotment site has 81 allotment plots and the Dussindale site has 52 allotment plots. As each fullsized allotment plot is given up, it is halved to make two half plots.

The Alloments are inspected every 3 months. If an allotment is not 75% culivated and in a good state of repair, a letter is issued giving two weeks to improve, followed by two weeks to vacate the plot if no significant improvment is made. This ensures that an allotment is used to its full potential.

If you live in Thorpe St Andrew and are interested in having an allotment, get in touch with the Town Council Office on 01603 701048 or email





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