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Town Councillor Register of Interests

South East Ward
North West Ward

Mr F Bowe

Dr T Foreman

Town Clerk

Mr I J Mackie (Town Mayor)

Mr J Emsell

Mrs J Fenn

Deputy Clerk/RFO


Mr J Fisher (Dep. Town Mayor)

Mrs J Fisher

Mrs F Bass

Deputy Clerk Committes and Events


Mr J M Ward

Mr N Hancock

Ms D Matthews

Committee Officer

Mr L Reeves

Miss S P Lawn

Ms J Parr

Administration Officer

Mr D Sears

Mrs T M Mancini-Boyle

Mr D Sayer

Parks and Estates Manager

Mr N Shaw

Mr S Snelling

Mr J Calver 

Parks and Estates Supervisor

Mr R Wooden

Mr R Robson

Mr R Kiddell

Parks and Estates Officer

Mr P Berry


Mr M Seaman

Parks and Estates Officer



Mr M Jones

Parks and Estates Officer



Mr G Watkins

Parks and Estates Officer



We also have a number of Support Officers who volunteer their time and are managed by the Town Clerk or service area Managers





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